Wayuu Bags

Handcrafted Wayuu bags made by Wayuu people in Colombia and Venezuela.

From a very early age, the Wayuu learn to knit bags or "mochilas" to preserve their traditions and history.  They have been hand weaving these bags for generations and they are an essential part of their cultural identity.  The inspiration to make a mochila is based on their everyday life and surroundings.  

These mochilas are sometimes the main source of income for many Wayuu families in Colombia.  We buy them at above fair-trade prices providing Wayuu families with jobs that can help put food on their tables.  Also, by working alongside of our local churches these artisans will be able to see and hear God's word in action.  Growing not only physically, but spiritually as well. 

Help support our talented Wayuu families, purchase a bag today!