About Us

After a life-changing mission trip in 2008 to Venezuela, God called the Kreikemeier family from Alpharetta, Georgia to start a ministry called Bread of Hope. During their travels, they came in contact with the Wayuu, an indigenous people group that lives along the Colombian and Venezuelan border. The Wayuu live in a region called, “La Guajira,” and it is the second poorest region in the Americas right after Haiti. 80% of their population is illiterate and its population of around 600,000 people remains largely unreached. Their value and their lives have been determined by the physical, mental, and spiritual poverty around them.


At Bread of Hope, we know that the Lord desperately wants to exchange the Wayuu's hopelessness with personal value in Him. However, our ministry's purpose is not just about providing for physical needs.  Our purpose is to help God's Kingdom expand among the Wayuu. We do this by empowering native churches with the resources and training needed to be effective agents of the gospel in their communities. Any purchase made online will help Bread of Hope provide evangelistic resources (Proclaimers), biblical training, and community development projects (community feedings, water, and medical clinics) for Wayuu churches.


You can help us exchange the Wayuu's hopelessness for personal value in Jesus Christ. 

For more information please visit: www.breadofhope.com